Stephen Smulski is Wood Science Specialists Inc. A nationally-known consulting wood scientist, he specializes in the real world performance of wood products in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Since founding WSSI in 1992, he has investigated performance problems with sawn and engineered wood products and advised over 600 architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers, building owners, insurance companies, attorneys, manufacturers and sellers about these common and commonly misknown materials.


A lifelong builder of things wood, Dr Smulski holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in wood science and technology. Blending formal education with hands-on know-how in a science-based practical approach, he helps clients avoid problems during design and construction and troubleshoots them post-construction.

Field inspector, lab technician, principal wood scientist, author, editor and educator, Dr Smulski has consulted on wood products in landmark buildings designed by renowned architects Renzo Piano, Norman Foster and Frank Gehry, as well as the world’s tallest building, SOM’s Burj Khalifa in Dubai. As wood consultant for new buildings for The New York Times, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Miami Art Museum, he revised specifications and plans, guided wood product selection and developed installation details and requirements, teaming with architects, construction managers and contractors to get the job done right.


Dr Smulski has testified as an expert in wood science and technology in 13 states in construction quality and product liability cases including the post-hurricane Katrina FEMA trailer formaldehyde bellwether trials. Member of the Society of Wood Science and Technology, the Forest Products Society and the International Association of Wood Anatomists, he is former editor of Wood Design Focus A Journal of Contemporary Wood Engineering, has written dozens of articles and given scores of invited talks.