PROJECTS selected structures

From timber bridges to the tallest building in the world, Dr Smulski has consulted on structures made from and outfitted with wood humble and grand; modern and historic; in design and under construction; newly complete and ready for renewal.

structure The New York Times Building New York NY
Whitney Museum of American Art New York NY
Miami Art Museum Miami FL
IAC Building New York NY
National Portrait Gallery Washington DC
Royal Bank of Scotland NA Headquarters Stamford CT
Cocoa Exchange Building New York NY
Plaza Hotel New York NY
Honan-Allston Branch Boston Public Library Allston MA
Art Institute of Chicago Chicago IL
Morgan Library and Museum New York NY
The Old Manse Concord MA
Hearst Tower New York NY
AOL Time Warner Center New York NY
Powder Point Bridge Duxbury MA
McNay Museum San Antonio TX
Bissell Bridge Charlemont MA
A I DuPont Building Miami FL
Burj Khalifa Dubai UAE
Legislative Assembly Building Iqaluit Nunavut